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Benefits of Online Transport Bilty Maker

Online Transport Bilty Maker

Easy to Use & Cost Saving

Till now managing the data of your transportation company was more of a hassle, you had to take a printout of each document and store it. Now it has become much easier with an online transportation data management app. Customers can easily manage vehicle data, Lorry receipts, Freight slips, etc in seconds with a tap of the app and all the data is stored in the cloud saving you tons of money on paper printing, and storing. You can easily share the documents with your customer over Whatsapp, email, etc as per your choice.

Time Saving and 24 x 7 Access

One of the main advantages of using the transport bilty maker app or software is that users can enter the details in the app which is much faster compared to filling each and every detail manually on paper. On average it takes only 2 minutes to generate a Lorry Receipt on the app whereas it takes on average about 12 minutes to fill the details on paper, thereby saving you approximately 83% of your time. Since all the data is stored in the cloud, you do not need to keep a file to store those documents and you can access it anytime from your phone or laptop at the comfort of your home or even when you are on vacation.

Data Security

Security is a big concern for every business, there can be so many unforeseen circumstances that can destroy your documents like water, rat, fire, etc. Using transport bilty software ensures that all your data is safe in the cloud and is accessible by only those employees to whom you have provided access. Your employees will not be able to delete the data as long as you don’t allow hence protecting you from accidental data deletion.

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